The services Drayer Physical Therapy Institute provides to people living with MS includes a very comprehensive care treatment plan. They believe in treating the patient and informing each of them about their disease and helping them to understand variable health concerns and different aspects of a suitable treatment plan to help each patient receive the greatest benefit in their individualized treatment plan. Drayer Physical therapy staff work on individualized treatment plans that are custom to each MS patient as not all patients need the same type of therapy services.  If the patient is having difficulty with balance and muscle tone, the program will be tailored to that specific need.  The staff play an active role in each patient and are very encouraging and engaging with their patients.

The staff at Drayer are aware of the society resources and connect their patients to the National MS Society for community programs, connection groups and to speak to an MS Navigator to ensure they are aware about the local society programs and support.

Matt Halunen, Director, Corporate Relations National MS Society