SINCE 2018

“Pillars With Purpose”






with gifts totaling

over $370,000



Upstream’s Pillars With Purpose Benevolent Funds, comprising six specific funds, one general fund & an employee hardship fund, aim to create lasting, positive change in Upstream communities and in other places around the world.

We will raise money in the name of supporting groups of all shapes and sizes to address the root of problems our communities are facing; eventually advancing positive change and growth in our world. Not a small task at hand. Pillars With Purpose builds on the rich culture of giving throughout the Upstream family of companies. We encourage you to get involved and here is how.


Each of the Funds has an advisory committee comprising of seven members, five of whom are associates serving two-year terms. Each advisory committee is responsible for fundraising and to select worthy recipients when charitable awards are made. We hope you will consider making a gift to one or more of our Benevolent Funds.


Throughout the year, we are in need of helping hands. The gift of your time is just as valuable as a financial contribution. Each fundraising effort will have its own set of needs. Contact the Funds’ Chairperson who is running the campaign to find out how you can help! Submitting an application to sit on one of the Advisory Committees is a formal and hands-on way to be the difference!


Help share the good work Pillars With Purpose is doing. Sometimes, hearing from a trusted friend is all a person needs to dip their toes, dollars and energies into a charitable effort. We have established our foundation and our mission—we need your help in sharing it! As an advocate you also take a stand for each of the individuals served by our efforts, validating their needs and amplifying the good works carried out.


Our vision of Philanthropy is broader than just contributing dollars to our Charitable Funds. We know and understand that affecting actual change means sometimes supplying goods to organizations that need it most, so they can carry out their missions. Work with us to connect our funds to organizations both in your communities and around the world to leverage our efforts. Coat drives, food drives, toy drives all can go even further now when paired with a grant from one of our Funds. If there is something you would like to see happen in your community, please be in touch with us from our contact page so that you can be put in touch with the appropriate Chairperson.

Purposeful Philanthropy

Upstream’s Pillars With Purpose Benevolent Funds are the first ever formal, tax-deductible, associate driven charitable program that provides a way for both associates and patients to give back and support worthy causes at home and around the world.  Our goal is not just to treat the symptoms of problems but to effect lasting and positive change. Upstream’s guiding principles extend far beyond the walls of our centers and the hours in which we operate.  Be part of what we are doing and make a difference in the lives of those around you.


Make a difference.
Donate with purpose!