Faith Based Initiatives

My name is Brad Keisling I have been a part of Drayer physical therapy since 2003 In South Carolina. I have been blessed to be married for over 16 years and have five children

There are a few things in this life that we all have and yet every last human being on this earth has the ability to give.  It has been exciting to be apart of an organization that truly Encourages this amongst its members. When I found out about the Pillars I wanted to be involved in helping encourage more people to experience the power of giving to others both in material things but also the immaterial component, that internal encouragement of knowing that there are others out there who have sacrificed to help those in need.

I serve as a deacon in our local church which supports over 300 missionaries around the world and I’ve seen the impact that chat about giving can have on these fine people and organizations that they represent both nationally and internationally.  I love the idea of our faith based pillar supporting more people like these around our country as they bring hope to the hurting and help for those who are in need. Not only temporary hope, but also the eternal hope that is found through faith in God.   At the end of the day, we are all merely stewards of material resources that at some point will pass into others hands, but what a special thing to be able to use those material resources to leave a lasting impact for all of eternity.